The Hidden Agenda Of Property Valuation

And products out there how can you prove a breakthrough watching you technology or delivery model versus the incumbent craziest your competing at Wedgwood incumbents large market you have to have something very differentiation management team exhibit prudent Kruger cash management now I know that sounds funny because we see companies out there raising ten twenty thirty fifty million.

Dollars but your investors and the I’m in a partner wants to see you can manage a dollar and you can do it very very well and then finally importantly has any strategic investor or buyer approach because that always helps attracting you buyers and the best thing to do is have a term sheet its non-exclusive so you can go out to the market and shopping try to bring multiple investors or buyers to the tablet try to best the value term sand the long-term opportunity that Melbourne Property Valuers term sheet we’re gonna shift gears for just a minute her ewe talked about all the positive reasons that someone might buy your company let’s talk a little.

Bit about what the deal market looks like from negative perspective and this is when she took sign a term sheet what could happen what are the major areas that could cause that term sheet to go away so the sobering reality is is that with the study here we this is a price water house study that we r they conducted several years ago when it cast CEOs and CFO you get deals what most impacted your deal and number one largest thing was more detailed information to the buyer for their due diligence the other is performing.

more so due diligence so you as the seller should have done more to diligence on your buyer buyers remorse speak and their course having more bidders in the deal thirty-one percent said that work more favorably impacted that that’s what our firm that we bring lots appears to the tape sphere’s the sobering reality being prepared before this seller starts diligence is really important currently in the technology market investors are backing away from approximately a half deals with a start due diligence eighty-five percent deals have a lower.